FARAFARIN advertising agency established in 2002 has succeeded in taking big steps in the field of advertising in a short time. The company has always relied on experience and international standards. Thanks to its skilled, creative team, “creativity” has always been the cornerstone of all its products and services. All we can say as a simple introduction: We are smart, passionate, resourceful, visionary, honest, sincere, confident, humorous, original, colorful, accessible, innovative, strategic, critical and unbiased.
For us Creativity is not an administrative word. It is a word that refers to the DNA of our company.
It defines, everything from our company strategy to recruiting our staff to products, services and media campaigns we offer. Creativity is the term that is the culture we live by. We believe our message resonates because our clients tell us:
“We work together because we like what you say, and the way you say it.”

Founder and director

"Today, consumers have so many choices. They can choose among media, compare the costs and decide on their budget. Those who are trying to improve their business will need a wise consultant who's aware of facts of the market and is able to take the advantage out of them.Considering that, FARAFARIN is THE wise, capable, creative partner of yours. Over 10 years experience in introducing brands, we've tried to spread our influence and enjoy doing so.".

"Surely, advertising is the art of 21st century. However our goal is not just to create ads. Our goal is to create compelling ideas. Fancy ideas, ignite the imagination and cause people feel and stay motivated. They build communication and brands and facilitate the sales."

Ali Talai Rad / CEO